Hello friends!

My name is Ashley and I am the creator of Fictional Living.

What started out as a need for a little bit of understanding when it came to my bibliophile-ness, I turned to creating a bookstagram account to get involved in a book loving community.

But as someone who has tinkered on and off with several blogs for a few years now, I knew that I couldn’t confine myself to just a square.

So here I am, talking books! I’ve never had a book blog before, so bare with me as I learn. I think this will be a lot of fun.


Some fun facts about me:

-I am a Ravenclaw.

-Also, a writer. I’m in school working on my Creative Writing degree and I want to write YA fiction/fantasy.

FullSizeRender -I love to edit. If you can handle feedback then hand me your work. I’ll be happy to do it.

-The Infernal Devices, Throne of Glass, and Shades of Magic are my favorite series, after Harry Potter, of course.

-Jane Eyre is my favorite book, after Harry Potter, of course.

I’ll be using this blog to review mostly YA fiction, fantasy, sci-fi and sometimes contemporary. I absolutely love recommendations.

I hope you all enjoy my blog and I can’t wait to hear from you!


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