Cover War Wednesday | Blogtober Day 19

Covers War Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Book is Glee which looks at different book cover editions and picks a winner!


Hello everyone! Ugh, okay, so I failed Blogtober already. It’s been a few days since I’ve posted, but life wins over blogging sometimes. That’s the reality. Now it’s time to pick up and finish the rest of the month strong! So here we are with another Cover War Wednesday featuring And I Darken!


1.US/Canada Edition


This is the edition I own, and the purple really pops in person. I’m only half way through this book, but I already know the significance of the flowers, so it’s nice to see that correlation on the cover.

2. UK Edition


I don’t usually like faces and people on the covers of books because it tends to look tacky. I do, however, enjoy the dark and painted look on this cover. I also like the tagline, which proves how rough around the edges the main character, Lada, is. She really is a badass, and I think this cover shows her brutality.

The Winner: UK edition!

Like I said, the story (so far) is dark and harsh. From what I have learned from Lada, I think the UK cover suits her personality more. The US edition seems a little too pretty for her.


Which edition of And I Darken do you like best?


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