Top 5 Friday// Best Shows to Binge During a Reading Slump | Blogtober Day 14

Hello everyone! So, surprise surprise, I am in another reading slump. This tends to happen when life gets stressful or too much and I just don’t have the energy to read. One thing that I love to do is binge watch tv shows on Hulu and Netflix when I just can’t sit down and read. I really love shows that are already over, since it gives me a place to stop completely and I don’t have to wait around for a new season. So here are my top five favorite shows to binge watch during a reading slump. Enjoy!


5. America’s Next Top Model


I’ve been binge watching ANTM for like months. There are so many seasons and they are all on Hulu so it’s super easy. The best part is that I can watch a cycle, then get some life stuff done, and then come back in watch a new cycle. You can jump around (if you want) and even if you’ve seen the cycles before, you probably don’t remember everything and it’s still a surprise.


4. Dark Matter


A spaceship crew wakes up from a deep sleep with no memory of themselves or each other. I feel like I was told this series isn’t actually over, but I feel like it is because it’s been a while since the last season. I should research that. Either way, watch it. It’s got spaceships, danger, and mystery.

giphy (4).gif

3. Persons Unknown


Again, a group of people wake up from a deep sleep and have no memory of how they arrived in a deserted town. The stakes get higher when an invisible force pits them against one another. This series only has one season, which makes sense. It’s not the best quality show, but the mystery makes it addicting.

2. Scream (MTV Show version)


Last year MTV released Scream the TV show, kind of based on the movies. It’s grotesque, scary, and just so good. Season 2 was just released on Netflix, and you need to watch both seasons. It’s wonderful and always ends in a twist!


1.Jessica Jones


I really don’t feel like I need to explain this. Jessica Jones is like my favorite super hero. She’s dark and twisty and it’s so different. Also, David Tennant. I love it. Watch it.

giphy (6).gif


What are your favorite shows to binge watch? How do you get out of a reading slump?


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