Cover War Wednesday | Blogtober Day 12

Covers War Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Book is Glee which looks at different book cover editions and picks a winner!



Hello everyone! So for my first Cover War Wednesday post, I wanted pick a book that was super easy to find a lot of different editions for, so I decided to go with Harry Potter! I will be focusing on just UK vs. US editions (since that’s all I could own or read) and I will be comparing covers from the same (or close) publication years. *I picked Chamber of Secrets at random. All cover and publication year/country info comes from Book Depository.*

1. UK 2000 vs. US 2000


I’m highly tempted to pick the US edition simply because it’s the one I grew up with. But why is Harry wearing a cape? Mixed with the sword, he looks like a flying knight. As for the UK edition, I do love that Hedwig and Ron are on the cover and I love the flying car. It brings a big part from the story onto the cover.

The Winner: UK edition

2. UK 2013 vs. US 2013

This is hard, because I own both of the editions. I love the minimialism that the UK edition has, which is why I worked so hard to buy them all. They look clean and bright when they are all together. However, when you put the US edition with the rest of the series, the spines make Hogwarts. Plus they have details of Harry on the back cover as well.

The Winner: US edition

3. UK 2004 vs. US 2002

This are the closet in publication years and I really don’t need to explain the winner.

The Winner: UK edition

69_Design_elementsDo you agree with the winners? What’s your favorite Harry Potter edition? What covers would you like to see face off next week? Let me know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Cover War Wednesday | Blogtober Day 12

  1. I think Harry Potter is one of the hardest ones to make a cover war post, simply because there are A TON of editions in English, not even counting all the other languages. (It makes my head spin just thinking about how many there are.) I think the US 2013 covers are my favourite – they are simply beautiful. Though I have to say that the original USA covers will always have a special place in my heart because they are the ones I grew up reading. Great post!

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