Tag Tuesday//Reading Habits Book Tag | Blogtober Day 11

Hello everyone! I haven’y done a tag in a while so I thought I would look at my list of tags that I have been dying to do! This one is called the Reading Habits Tag. Enjoy!
1. Do you have a certain place at home for reading?
As of right now, I’m usually reading at night in bed. If I read during the day, I really enjoy sitting outside in the fresh air reading.
2. Bookmark or a random piece of paper?
I own a lot of bookmarks, but I really only use like one or two of them. If I ever venture away from my bookmarks, I’ll usually just pick up a picture or something sturdy in it’s place.
3. Can you stop reading anytime you want or do you have to stop at a certain page, chapter, part, etc.?
I definitely have to find a stopping point. Even if I have to stop in the middle of a chapter, I have to wait for a stopping point in the action that’s going on.
giphy (1).gif
4. Do you eat or drink while reading?
I drink, but I don’t usually eat. I just feel like it interrupts my reading process. Also I am very messy. So it would just not go well for my book.
5. Can you read while listening to music/watching TV?
I can if it’s not something that I want to watch or listen to. Like, if my boyfriend is watching something then I can completely zone out, but if I’m even the slightest bit interested then there’s no way.

6. One book at a time, or several at once?
I try to read a couple books at a time, but it never goes well. I can do it occasionally , but I usually just end up starting a second book, finishing it, and then finishing the first.

7. Reading at home or everywhere?
Everywhere. If I have down time anywhere, I always want a book. I do most of my reading at home, but I don’t care to read wherever I am. Except the car. I get sick :/
giphy (3).gif

8. Reading out loud or silently in your head?
I read silently. But secretly, if I’m alone, and I really like how a character is making me feel, then I like to read out loud and act like I’m actually playing the part. But that’s a secret…don’t tell anyone.

9. Do you read ahead or skip pages?
NO! Never. What is wrong with you?!?
giphy (2).gif

9. Breaking the spine or keeping it new?
I’ve never really broken any hardcover spines, even when I read them. With most of my paperbacks, I don’t really care to hurt them a bit. But if they are special covers, the the new TMI and TID paperbacks that make a picture, I don’t even open those!

11. Do you write in books?
No. Way. If I need to take notes, I’ll use sticky notes. I don’t highlight or anything at all.


6 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday//Reading Habits Book Tag | Blogtober Day 11

  1. Eeep, I’m actually one of those people who do read ahead and skip pages. I do it when the book’s just not engaging my attention, it’s SUPER thick, and the writing’s very… flowery? Like, there’s just too much information but not enough care (on my part), if that makes sense. 😛

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    1. A while back I googled book tags and made a collection of ones I wanted to do. I mostly went into other blogs and their tags. Unfortunately I made the mistake of not keeping track of which blogs they came from and can’t give credit :/

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