Top Five Friday//Authors I Want to Meet | Blogtober Day 7

Hello everyone! So a couple of days ago I wrote a blog on how to make the most out of going to book signings. This got me thinking about the authors that I have yet to meet and would really really like to.

Just for reference, the signings that have been to are: Marissa Meyer (twice), Sarah J. Maas, Ransom Riggs and Tareheh Mafi, Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon, Melissa Landers, and Gwenda Bond, Victoria Schwab, and Julie Kagawa.


5. Ted Dekker

Thr3e and The Circle series are some of my favorite books. Although Ted Dekker is like, way, out of my wheelhouse, his writing is some of my favorite.

4. Cassandra Clare

How could I not include her? All of Cassandra’s writing is wonderful. I love the world she has built and the way she has created something so vast from it. Plus, I would love to show her my Angelic rune tattoo!

3. J.K. Rowling

So I almost hesitated at putting Rowling on the list, mostly because it seems so dang obvious. But it’s true. I honestly doubt I will ever get the opportunity, but I’m one for wishful thinking.

2. Rick Riordan

I actually arrived late to the Rick Riordan/ Percy Jackson party, which I have kicked myself for! I think I read Percy Jackson for the first time two years ago. It sparked my interest in mythology and my need to include mythology in my own writing. Riordan has had a HUGE influence on me as a writer.

1. Alexandra Bracken

I’d stop the world if it meant I could meet Alex Bracken!! The Darkest Mind series sparked a serious fire in me when it comes to reading. She really made me see why I love YA so much. She seems like such a sweet and creative human being and I would do almost anything to get the chance to chat with her!


What authors would you love to meet?

*All author/book pictures come from Goodreads

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