How Ransom Riggs Taught Me To Love My Mom | Blogtober Day 2

So this will be a bit random, but have you ever come across a quote in a book…not even like a well-known quote, just a quote…and it completely changed your life? No? I hadn’t either until the beginning of last month when I started reading Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.

I know, a strange book to change your life. But just hear me out.

In the beginning of the book, our MC Jacob, is having a birthday party. His mom is flashy and really only cares about her cocktail and showing off how much money she spent on her house. So Jacob describes his mother like this:

“I did love her, of course, but mostly because loving your mom is mandatory, not because she was someone I think I’d like very much if I met her walking down the street.”

This quote literally stopped me where I was reading and threw me into hysterical sobs. I had to put down the book. I calmed myself, got in the shower, and continued to sob. I got out of the shower and got dressed, all while wailing.

Now, understand (especially you mom), that I didn’t cry because I only loved my mom because it was mandatory, or because I didn’t think I would like her much if I met her on the street.

I cried because I felt like that is how I treated the love I have for my mom. I mourned because I was afraid that’s how others would think I loved my mom.

You see, my mom and I are very different. She’s out going and loud and often highly inappropriate. I’m more conservative and a nervous wreck most of the time. So we’re different. Vastly. And I think that those differences put this wall up inside me that Ransom Riggs Spartan-kicked down.

I enjoy my mother. I think she’s beautiful and funny and she can be friends with absolutely anyone, which I envy. I would 100% be her friend if I met her on the street…heck I’ve seen her randomly meet people and they love her!

My point is, I don’t want to treat my mom like I only love her because she is my mother. I love her because of the mother she is, because of the person she is, and she deserves to see that.

Okay, yeah, it’s a random mess of emotions from a very small line in a very strange book. But whatever. Books are meant to make us change, even if it wasn’t their intention.


What quotes have changed how you see the world?


5 thoughts on “How Ransom Riggs Taught Me To Love My Mom | Blogtober Day 2

    1. I’m glad it could give you something to think about, and I’m sorry its a complicated relationship. It was seriously impactful for me and I’m thankful for that. It would break my heart if I didn’t have my parents.


  1. This was a very sweet sentiment. My Mom and I are similar, but our roles are reversed. My Mom is very reserved and on the quiet side, while I am more loud and outgoing. I used to be jealous of all my friends who were best friends with their Mothers. At the end of the day, I love my Mom for who she is even though she is my polar opposite.


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