Fictional Monday: Headlights by Logan Ashley LeDuc

Hello, everyone! I am so happy to welcome Logan Ashley LeDuc to Fictional Monday!LoganAshley

Those of you in the Bookstagram world might know her better as @thebookelves. She is a super talented blogger, writer, and Bookstagrammer. Don’t believe me? Just take a walk of whimsy through her blog, and meet the girl behind that adorable book elf avatar.



by Logan Ashley LeDuc

All I remember are the headlights.  I remember hearing my mother scream, and turn the wheel, but the headlights just kept coming closer and closer until I was inside them.  The light was over me, and around me, and all I could see was white.  And I couldn’t cry, but I could listen.  I could hear my baby sister crying softly, and my mother screaming for help.  I could hear the cars whizzing past my head and the squeal of brakes on the hot July asphalt, but I couldn’t make a noise.

All I could do, was listen.

I want to tell you the ambulance came and everything went back to normal.  Things were never normal.  I don’t have a dad.  I know a lot of kids who don’t have a dad, but not like I don’t have a dad.  My dad was perfect.  He was funny and put me high on his shoulders, and made me feel like I could fly.  But he saw the headlights too.  And he didn’t see anything else after that.  

I could hear the ambulance coming, and I could feel the ground vibrating.  It was different than the other cars.  I thought it was going to run us over before it would help us but instead I heard it stop far away.  I could still hear my baby sister crying but I heard her start to wail once they got her out of her car seat.  She was trapped inside the car, but the fire department was there too.  They got her out.  I didn’t hear them.  Only the ambulance.

I heard the sirens wail as they pulled away with my sister, and I heard my mom’s breathing start to slow down.  I was starting to hear everything, not just the big sounds.  I wanted to cry out, “Help my mom!” but I couldn’t open my mouth.  All I could see was white.

I was starting to get scared but I didn’t know how.  It was as though my feelings went away, but I was still worried.  I wasn’t even worried for me anymore.  I was worried for my mom and my sister.

I heard the paramedics rush over to my mom and lift her onto a gurney.  My mom was so quiet, I knew she wasn’t awake anymore.  But I could hear her breathing.  She’d be okay.

Maybe they couldn’t see me.  I would be okay.  They’ll find me when they start picking the pieces up.  I feel perfectly fine.  I just can’t see.  That’s not a big deal.  And the fear must have made me lose my voice.  So that’s okay.  I’ll tell them what happened when they pull me to safety.

The only problem was, they didn’t.  They got a hold of my body first, but they didn’t take me.

My daddy did.  He can’t see either.  All we both can see are headlights.  Two headlights.  Two daughters.  One for daddy, and one for mommy.  Me without a choice.


So what did you guys think of Logan Ashley’s story? If you love her writing as much as I do, come back next week to read more from Logan Ashley. And if you haven’t checked out her social media, especially her blog, please do so! She really is a super talented human being.

You can find Logan Ashley here: Twitter | Instagram | Blog





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