Fictional Monday: The Seer’s Revenge

This week I have another short (tiny, really) story from my Creative Writing class this semester. It’s actually an excerpt from a book I have been working on for awhile. I hope you enjoy it.

Also, you won’t have to only read my stories. I have a few lined up for the next couple weeks from some amazing writers. And, as always, if you also want to share your writing just let me know. Enjoy!


Kaila Fairbairn watched as the King’s men wheeled her mother’s body down the dirt road of her village. They did an ill job of covering her withered form from on-lookers, and Kaila could see her mother’s auburn hair, the same hair that flowed down her own shoulders, swing from the edge of the cart. Kaila allowed herself only a moment to stare after the entourage that would quickly burn her mother’s body before she turned to her own guards behind her.

They had arrived early this morning, driven on word that The Great Seer was taking her last breath. They were right; her mother had died an hour before their arrival with her last warnings carried on that breath. Do not let them change you, sweet Kaila. You cannot trust that castle or it’s people. The words had been scratchy, as if every time she had spoken them before were now catching up to wear them away. As her mother released that last breath, the Great Seer falling, Kaila felt the ting of her mother’s magic fill the room before settling on her own frail shoulders. The Great Seer had passed, and now it was Kaila who filled that spot.

She now considered the term “Great” as a guard led her to the horses they would all take to the castle. She was barely 17 but hardly passed for that. She stood shorter than most her age, and lacking in all the areas the other girls had quickly grown into. Her pale skin looked sickly in contrast with her dark hair and lashes. Who could possibly look at her and see greatness or power?

Her hands seemed to pulse with the ancient magic of her bloodline as she grabbed the reigns of her horse. No, “Great” would not accompany her time as the only Seer in Kaza, because great could not begin to cover the plans she had for this kingdom and its heartless King. Let them think she is frail and passive, let them think she will never fill her mother’s position. They will pay for ignorance, just as the King will pay for killing her mother.


One thought on “Fictional Monday: The Seer’s Revenge

  1. Nice job! But is this a sequel? If it is, please send me a link to it in a reply. And when you do, please like this comment so I know you have replied. Once again, nice job!


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