Conversations: Why The Cursed Child is Important for New Potterheads


Hello, everyone! It’s Saturday, and although I’ve been gone for awhile, I wanted to jump right back in with a Conversations post! As you all probably know, tomorrow is the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which means celebrations begin tonight for midnight releases. *cue dance party*

In anticipation for my VERY FIRST HP MIDNIGHT RELEASE I wanted to talk about why this book/play is so important to us late Harry Potter bloomers.

Processed with VSCO with q3 presetI think I’ve told this story a million times, but I’ll tell it again. I started reading Harry Potter when my stepdad picked the series up. I believe he started reading them in anticipation of the Half-Blood Prince release. And honestly, I can’t even remember the Deathly Hallows release, it just wasn’t a huge thing where I lived or with my friends. So I never heard anything about it. My dad just had the books and I read them and loved them.

The only Β shared excitement I remember from Harry Potter at all was when I was (I think) an 8th grader, and I sat next to this girl in my study hall-type class and we were both reading the books. We were like low-key competing to see who could get through them the fastest. I remember the first thing I did in that class was pull my book out and set it on the edge of my desk and wait to see what book she was on. *Also, this could have just been me. Sorry if I was secretly competing with you.*

Anyway, the point of this post is coming. I’m just saying that I missed growing up with the books. I read them all at once (except Deathly Hallows, but that’s a different story) all at HPthe same age. I never got to experience the midnight releases (books or movies) or all the party and hype that went into that. And I know I’m not the only one.

So many of us were late to the HP game, but we are no less fans for that. But this is why tonight is pivotal for me, and I’m guessing, for a lot of the newer Potterheads.

This is our first midnight release. It’s the first book we get to witness from the announcements to the execution. We get to join those of you who have been there from the start. It’s an initiation, a welcome party, a family get-together we were finally invited to!

It doesn’t even matter that it’s not a full J.K. Rowling book. It doesn’t matter that it’s a play. What matters is that this universe is being added to and we are finally here to experience it from the start.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetThe thing I love most about Potterheads is that we don’t discriminate between old and new fans. If you love Harry Potter then you just do, it doesn’t matter. But that doesn’t stop my jealousy for not discovering the books sooner. It doesn’t stop me from wishing I was waiting outside of book stores to be one of the first to hold a new Harry Potter adventure.

BUT TONIGHT I’m joining the club. And I’m so excited. I get to see so many Potter lovers in one place, and at midnight I will say “Happy
Birthday, Harry” with a bunch of strangers and get my hands on the Cursed Child.

I can’t even tell you how amazing this feels. (Also, props to the boyfriend who will be dealing with me the whole time. If you can’t find yourself a bibliophile boyfriend, find yourself a man who goes with you to things he couldn’t care less about just because he loves you.)

That’s all for me, guys. I have to try to be productive today before the festivities start. Let me know if you’re going to a midnight release tonight. And please, Snapchat me pictures of your Potter parties because there will be a follow up blog on all the excitment: sweetlyashley


4 thoughts on “Conversations: Why The Cursed Child is Important for New Potterheads

  1. Hope you have (are having!!!) a wonderful time tonight! I did the whole midnight release party thing for books 5-7, so I decided to sit this one out. I will eagerly await my pre-order shipment to come 😁


  2. Omg, this is actually such a perfect Conversations topic! I love it! πŸ˜€
    I didn’t really realise how big of a thing the release of The Cursed Child was, to be honest! I was a Potterhead when the fifth, sixth and last book were released, so I kiiinda had an idea of how big it all was. But I hope you had an awesome time, Ashley – definitely an event worth celebrating!

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