Review: June Subscription Boxes


Hello, everyone! I found myself with three subscription boxes this month and wanted to take the time to review them for you.

I usually don’t have three coming in at a time. I like to see what themes are coming up and if I have the money and it interests me then I get the boxes, if not then I just keep skipping months.

I will be reviewing June’s Owlcrate, The Bookish Box, and Charm With Me Club (this is more like an envelope and not a box).

Also, if you scroll to the bottom of this post (or click this paragraph), I have included a survey. Please take it. I have been looking into starting a subscription box of my own, geared towards you guys, and I would seriously like your input. And please, share the survey and get it out there. I want this to be a box all about you guys.


Charm With Me Club

Charm With Me Club is a bracelet and fandom charm subscription service. This was my first month with them and I am wholeheartedly pleased.

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Each month you get 2 unique charms based around a theme or fandom, and sometimes you will even get extra filler beads. What if you don’t like the theme? They have a “Surprise Me” option for every month that will include random, non-fandom based charms.

For your first box you get a free bracelet to hold all your charms. They have a couple different options. I chose a black wrap around bracelet. I think it looks great on.

The theme of the this month was House Pride, where you got to select which Hogwarts House you wanted. I, of course, picked Ravenclaw. The second charm, as you can kind of tell, is the Sorting Hat. The charm is pretty detailed and it’s hard to capture that in the picture.

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This is the cheapest price-wise subscription that I get. The cost is $19.99 a month with shipping under three dollars to  Kentucky.

I will say this: they have excellent customer service. I have had a little trouble getting the clasp to stay on my bracelet, so I emailed the owner about it. Not only did she respond in less than two minutes (not kidding) to my email, she had a replacement bracelet shipped before I could even ask if she needed my address. That’s customer service.

I am really pleased with this shop and I am excited for next month’s theme: The Girl on Fire. You can subscribe here.

The Bookish Box

The Bookish Box is a subscription service that sends you book inspired products once a month. Where Owlcrate’s main product is a book, The Bookish Box always has an exclusively created book shirt for each box.

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I have been in love with Appraising Pages for a long time, so I’ve actually been getting the Bookish Box off and on since they started. I’m usually pleased with how they turn out, though some have said this box was disappointing. I can see how an overall view would look like that, but when I look at things individually, I think it’s a solid box.

The theme for June was Classics, and it actually wasn’t a box I wanted, but I forgot to skip the month and ended up with it anyway. I’m not complaining. Like I said, I love the Bookish Box.

The shirt is probably one of my favorites that the Bookish Box has had. It’s inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass. I love the flowers and the cross-stitched look of the design. I also love the color.Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Next up is a Great Gatsby notebook from Bugaboo Bear Designs. The quote says “Breathing dreams like air,” which is a great quote. Truthfully, I just don’t like these types of notebooks no matter what box they come in. I have so many and I don’t use them. Actually, I just threw FIVE of them away because I spilled coffee all over my desk and I had a freaking stack of them. I would have preferred this quote in a print or something. I just don’t use these dinky little notebooks. That’s just me though. Most people LOVE these things.

This cute ampersand ring is from A Cute Geek. I can’t find a link to this shop online, so if you know please tell me. If you Google “A Cute Geek” you don’t get ampersand rings, guys.

I like this ring a lot. I love rings in general, but anything that reminds people that I am a writer is staying on my finger. The only issue is that it almost doesn’t fit. I don’t have large fingers by any means, but when I get hot I swell a bit and I can’t wear the ring if my fingers swell even a little. I know I don’t have the biggest fingers of all the subscribers, so someone can’t wear this thing. An adjustable ring would have been better. But I still love it.

Next we have some Alice in Wonderland socks from Out of Print. I love socks, they’re cute. I will probably only use them in Instagram pictures, at least until it’s cold outside again, but I don’t see a problem with that.

Lastly is this little green magnetic bookmark with a quote from Persuasion that says, ” You pierce my soul. I am half agony, half hope.” I can’t tell you where this came from. It’s not listed on the card and I almost didn’t see it floating around in there. Nonetheless, it’s one of my favorite parts of the box simply because I am IN LOVE with any type of magnetic bookmarks.

I can see how this box would seem less exciting than the past boxes, but you can’t expect every box to please everyone. I loved it. Sadly, I missed out on the July box, which is Fantasy, but hopefully I can buy it later on.

You can subscribe here, although you will have to wait until the August box. The box is $29.99 a month with, I think, less than 6 dollars in shipping to Kentucky.


Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

If you don’t know what Owlcrate is, you’ve probably been living under a rock. Owlcrate is a monthly subscription box that sends you a newly released book along with 3-4 bookish products based around a theme.

This month’s theme was Royalty and it was an excellent box. Owlcrate is always super good at sending out amazing boxes, and this month was no exception.

First up we have print by Evie Bookish. I love Evie’s stuff, she is so insanely talented. This print has a quote from Red Queen that says, “Words can lie. see beyond them.” I am in love with prints and I’m always satisfied with them.

Next is a beautiful bracelet from Rich Love Shoppe. This bracelet is inspired by Cinder with a quote that says, ” Even in the future the story begins with once upon a time.” If you know me, you know I love The Lunar Chronicles. So this was perfect for me. I also like that it is an adjustable cuff bracelet. It is very well done.

Every box had a mystery mini Disney Funko. I ended up with Olaf. I like Frozen, but I would never choose this for myself. I don’t really have anything to do with it. If it was a character I loved, like Belle or Ariel, I would totally put it on my shelf. But Olaf is just blah. Now there was no way of telling what Funko was going in the boxes, they really are a packaged mystery, so I can’t blame Owlcrate for this.

Once again, magnetic bookmarks! I love these things. Craftedvan made these specifically for the Royalty Owlcrate box and they are adorable. I kind of wish they were actual characters from a book, but I love them anyway.

There was also a coupon for $10 off a bookmark from My Book Mark shop. These are the bookmarks that are handmade and usually look like legs sticking out of your book. They are super quirky and awesome, but think about how expensive they are if they give you $10 off. I’ll still have to spend like $15 I think on it. I might use it, I think they are great and I want one. But damn, that’s expensive.

Last is the book chosen for this month’s box, My Lady Jane. I had never heard of this book before someone mentioned that they thought it would be in the box, and then I looked it up and wanted it so bad! So I am pleased. I know a lot of people already bought the book/ got it in another box (Uppercase, I think) but for me it was perfect. The book came with a little cardboard crown and a note form the authors.

Owlcrate is $29.99  with $6.99 shipping to the US. You can subscribe here and I totally would because next month’s theme is Good vs Evil and there are two boxes going out. It’s a total surprise which box you will get.

Also, keep an eye out on my Instagram for an Owlcrate giveaway coming soon!


Now for my survey. I love what the bookish/fandom subscription boxes mean to me. I get swag for the things I really love, books, and that’s special and important. That’s why I want to start a subscription box for biblio’s like me. I want it to be more affordable for you guys but still satisfactory. I’m still working out the types of products that I want to feature and I need your help. Keep in mind, to make it more affordable I might have to skip the book. So please, be honest and share with me your ideas. This is for you guys, not me. I want to make you happy.





5 thoughts on “Review: June Subscription Boxes

  1. The Bookish Box looks so cute! I want it! Maybe I can snag one if they sell extras. I haven’t tried one of their boxes yet myself, but they seem awesome. Do you prefer Owlcrate or Bookish Box?
    I took your survey and would be totally interested in your subscription box service! I’d also be happy to be a vendor as well when you start looking for those. What a neat endeavor! Be a Bookpreneur!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What I prefer really just depends on the theme they are providing. They are both great boxes but if one is going to have TMI related products and one is going to have products for a series I have never read, I will obviously prefer the TMI products.

      And I would absolutely adore you as a vendor. I love your stuff so much!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That makes sense. I wasn’t super into Owlcrate this month because I haven’t yet read Cinder or Red Queen (to my utter shame). It was still good, just not my favorite.
        Thanks! That means a lot! I’m adding bookmarks soon to my 2nd shop so that’s exciting. We’ll be in touch then!


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