Conversations: How I Balance Life and Blogging


This week’s Conversation post comes from the Conversations meme hosted by Corralling Books and Fiddler Blue. The topic is of their choosing this week. Feel free to follow the links and join in.


This week’s discussion topic is on how I balance real life and blogging. My initial response to this is, I don’t. Honestly, I am horrible at it most of the time. There will he periods of time when I am really on top of things and blogs go out according to plan. But then there are times when I have to miss a post, and then it all goes down hill from there.

I have, however, found some ways that help me make time for blogging in my life. Keep in mind, blogging isn’t my main thing I do, like some lucky bloggers. I have school work and actual work, as well as a boyfriend and 3 cats who need my attention. So these tips are some of the ways I have kept myself active with blogging while still doing work and enjoying my life with my little family.

How To Balance Life and Blogging

  • Create a posting schedule

One thing that I did to better my blog was creating a posting schedule. This, for me, was what type of posts I would be doing on each day. For example, I have tags on Tuesdays, Top Five Fridays, and Conversations on Saturdays. This gave a lot more structure to my blog and helped me to not have to come up with a million random blogs everyday. It certainly made planning easier on me.

  • Plan your week in advance

I go into every week knowing exactly what posts I will be putting out for the next seven days. The Sunday Post Meme is great for this. I have a section in that post where I announce what will be on my blog in the upcoming week, and so it gives me the space to plan that out. This will come in handy with the next step.

  • Schedule as many posts as you can

Being able to schedule posts to go up on a later date is a life saver for me. While this post goes up, I will be at work all day, with no time to actually write this. Most of my posts are like this, I usually get them done the day before and schedule them to go live. If you can set aside enough time to get a couple days, or even a week, ahead on scheduled posts, you’re saving that time out of everyday that it would take you to write a blog post. You could, instead, be using that time to do school work, hang out with your family, or respond to blog comments. It’s also really helpful if you know you will be busy all day that a post is supposed to go up. Honestly, this will save you so much time!

  • Choose life over blogging

Unless blogging is your source of income or basically your entire life, it’s okay to miss a post or two to enjoy life away from the internet. There is no shame in enjoying what is right in front of you, so don’t feel bad about missing a day, or even taking a hiatus. The internet will still be here when you get back.


How do you balance life and blogging? What are some ways you have found to keep your blog active while having a busy life?

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