Top Five Friday: My Most Disliked YA Characters

Truth be told, it’s actually pretty easy for me to fall in love with most characters in the books I am reading. I tend to keep a really open mind and can push through even some of the worst written tropes, characters, and dialogue that can be thrown at me. But sometimes, no matter what, I am going to hate a character, whether that was the intention of the author or not.


5. Adam Kent (Shatter Me trilogy)

I can’t even say that I like Adam before he went all psycho lover on Juliette. There was this weird insta-love between them, which I get, kind of. He could touch her. But becoming OBSESSED like that was annoying. And then when she had to keep her distance for HIS OWN PROTECTION he became an ass. He was either crying hysterically or treating her like dirt, becoming the equivalent of a drunken high school girl. I was beyond excited that it wasn’t him and Juliette in the end. I feel bad for anyone he ends up with.

4. Ethan Chase (Iron Fey series)


I know a lot of people had issues with Meghan Chase in the Iron Fey series because they found her super annoying, but she is nothing compared to Ethan Chase. Nothing. He was the character that constantly said, “I have to be an ass to protect the people around me so they don’t get close to me and it puts them in danger. I have to be an ass to do that. So I’m an ass for everyone’s protection. Get away from me, I’m an ass.” I’m pretty sure that was the only thing that ever came out of his mouth. He’s lucky I love the series as a whole or else I would have dropped him the first time he called himself an ass.

3. Abby Abernathy (Beautiful Disaster)


I’ve said before that I hate to enjoy this book because it was seriously messed up. This should never in a million years be your version of a relationship. It’s unhealthy and disgusting. With that out of the way, I enjoy great character development, I do. If an uptight priss like Abby has some fun and learns to let loose a little, then fantastic. But Jamie McGuire’s version of character development was taking a stuck up college girl and turning her into someone who doesn’t care about who she hurts and allowing some hot guy to control her every move. She didn’t become this better version of herself, she became trashy.

2. Travis Maddox (Beautiful Disaster)


I can’t blame everything on Abby, because in a way she is a victim. Travis is a hot tempered, controlling, meat-head. He’s violent, whether to other people or sexually. He is the type of guy that will kick anyone’s ass who walks on the same side of the street as you. Frankly, he is terrifying and should probably get some serious anger management before he ends up punching Abby in the face because she accidentally looked in the direction of another man. Gosh, I really hate that guy.

1.Dolores Umbridge (Harry Potter)


Does this one need explanation? I think I hate Umbridge more than I hate Voldemort. I mean she was just pure hatred. I would have gone to Azkaban, gladly, for using a killing curse on that toad looking witch.


Who are some of your least favorite literary characters? Have you ever stopped reading a book due to not enjoying a character?

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6 thoughts on “Top Five Friday: My Most Disliked YA Characters

  1. i agree with you on the fact that Ethan Chase has only one excuse of not getting close to people- cause he’s an ass. I don’t actually think anyone in real life would be able to stay away from people you love- even if you’re an “ass”. But i still love the iron fey series though.

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