Conversations: What Makes Me A Follower on Bookstagram

This week’s Conversation post comes from the Conversations meme hosted by Corralling Books and Fiddler Blue. The topic is of their choosing this week. Feel free to follow the links and join in.

Hello all! Sorry for the mini-hiatus the past couple days. Life, as we all undoubtedly know, happens sometimes.

Anyway, welcome to another week of Conversations. This week’s discussion comes directly from the meme itself, but I’m going to tweak it a bit. Instead of discussing the essentials needed for me to follow a blog, I will be talking about the essentials for me to follow a Bookstagram.

The reason I’m changing this is because my main tie to the online book community comes from Instagram. I love looking through and following blogs, but I don’t spend most of my time there. And I’m not nearly as picky as I am with Instagram.

What makes me follow a Bookstagram account:

1. InteractionProcessed with VSCO with q3 preset

Obviously, the easiest way to get your account seen is to interact with other people. I always stalk the people who comment on my pictures and usually end up following them. I’ve never been into searching hashtags, so usually the only way I even know some accounts exist is if I see them comment on my account or someone on my feed mentions them.

I also love an account that interacts with their followers. That’s not something I am the best at yet, so it reminds me that I need to make sure I am being more tentitive to my followers.

Processed with VSCO with q3 preset2. Aesthetic

When I go onto an account to do some stalking, the first thing I notice is the theme or aesthetic. For me to be completely drawn to an account, I like uniformity in pictures. But that’s not always the case. If you look at my account, I am constantly changing themes, and I think it’s fine to change your account to fit whatever you are feeling at the time.

But my initial thoughts come from an overview of the pictures, and I find consistency pleasing to look at.


This might sound obvious, but a lot of accounts that have bookish handles, aren’t really bookish. They may contain a few pictures of books here and there, but they will mainly be selfies and life pictures. This is all fine and dandy, and if the aesthetic is there and it’s nice to look at I might follow it from my personal. But I do prefer my Bookstagram accounts to be primarily books.

4. Post FrequencyProcessed with VSCO with q3 preset

I just recently purged my accounts that I follow and deleted so many people because they haven’t posted in months. I enjoy accounts that post at least every couple days. I follow accounts to look at their pictures and so I want to see more of them. I’m not saying I won’t follow you if you post once a week. But I don’t see a point in following an account that posts once a month.

5. Inspiration

The biggest thing I look for in an account is that it inspires me to make my account better. I am constantly looking through my feed for inspiration before book photo shoots. So it’s important that I love the content they are providing.

Followers and likes mean nothing to me. I have seen some amazing accounts with 64k followers, and even better accounts with less than a thousand. When it comes to following a Bookstagram, I look for quality and interaction, and you don’t need a bunch of followers for that.

What makes you follow a blog or Bookstagram? Leave your Bookstagram handles below  and I’ll give you a follow!


8 thoughts on “Conversations: What Makes Me A Follower on Bookstagram

  1. I’m very picky with bookstagram accounts to follow, I usually have to feel a sort of connection with the person to follow her and I tend to like more those account that share pictures of books in everyday life situation. Too staged photos aren’t actually my thing. I’m not a very good bookstagrammer, but I love sharing my reading journey and, as you said, interaction is what actually matters. 🙂

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    1. I love when people show books in everyday life too! I envy the people who can carry books around with them and just snap a beautiful photo while they are out. I certainly carry books around with me, but my anxiety is too high to take pictures like that in public.


      1. Totally get what you mean! I usually carry with me only my kindle and it’s easier to snap nice photos with it (when nobody can see me), because I can hold it with one hand without looking too weird 😀

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  2. Huh, I’m an old IG user, but pretty new at getting serious with my bookstragram account. And I definitely agree on the interaction requirement. Maybe the account has beautiful pictures, but if the person doesn’t even try to engage in the least with their followers, it’s a huge disappointment for me.

    That said, I love accounts that have a theme! Some take it to the extreme with uniformity and it’s pretty, others just choose a couple of elements to pop up in every pic so they’re different, but consistent at the same time. Which is why I kind disagree with the word theme, and prefer to use cohesiveness, or simply aesthetics! It’s a good idea for the feed to look good as a whole. They don’t have to be all super similar, but the pics have to look well together. 🙂 Glad to have discovered another bookstagrammer! Mine is paminbookland.

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    1. I actually really enjoy accounts that have a wide variety of pictures but they make them more cohesive with a consistent filter or preset. Granted, I have slight anxiety induced OCD, and that stuff just makes me super happy to see! It doesn’t mean I won’t follow someone if their pictures don’t match!
      Great account by the way!

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  3. I completely agree with you! If someone doesn’t reply back to their comments, I don’t really want to follow them. It feels like it’s just a one way thing, because I love commenting and talking to all the different people on bookstagram. For this reason, I don’t tend to follow the massive accounts (which 50k followers) because they often get too many comments to reply back. It’s nothing personal, just that I like to build a friendship with the people I follow! 😀

    I’m @thebibliolater on Instagram if you want to follow me, too ♥
    Denise | The Bibliolater

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    1. I totally understand wanting to interact and comment back, but I am SO STINKING BAD AT IT. I actually have to put a daily reminder in my bullet journal to remember to comment on my post and my blog…I’m horrible but it’s important to me. haha


  4. I am really new to bookstagram to this has helped me very much. My first post was only yesterday but I am always looking on Instagram for inspiration and ways to improve my account. My bookstagram is @throughthepagesofabook if you could maybe have a look and give me some feedback? Thanks xx


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