Tag Tuesday: R.I.P. It or Ship It Book Tag


Hello everyone! Welcome to another Tag Tuesday. The day of the week where I participate in book tags that no one ever tags me in!

Hey, I just find them fun, okay? Especially the R.I.P. it or Ship it tag, which I first found on Youtube and was so happy when I saw it on blogs!

Basically, you put character names in cup, jar, hat, whatever and draw two out. Then you decide: would you rip them or ship them?

Round 1


I’m going to ship this one. They both are sort of snobby and love living in luxury, but will kick some major ass when necessary. I think they would bicker but still be amazing together!

Round 2


RIP it for sure. I don’t know if Katniss could handle Alucard. I think it would just be way too hard on her, and Alucard wouldn’t have much fun with it.

Round 3


Oh my gosh, I SHIP IT! But only pre-Celaena-heartbreak-Chaol though. Tessa deserves who he used to be.

Round 4


R.I.P. it. I think Alec would just be left behind a lot while Lila ran around doing her own thing. And Lila wouldn’t consider Alec’s feelings enough.

Round 5


Oh yeah, I could see this. They would be a really sweet couple. I ship it!

Round 6


Will would definitely be wearing the pants in the relationship, but I still ship it.

Round 7


I’ll ship it, if only because a lot of us did before we even considered Ron.

Round 8


Ship it. I think they would be cute together, but only if Rhy doesn’t act like a slut.

Round 9


Nope. RIP it. Maybe because it just feels wrong, but I don’t think they would have any chemistry at all.

Round 10


I super ship this couple! They are both a great balance between caring for the ones they love and breaking the rules. I think they would be excellent together.

That was fun! I think I found some new ships to sail (Kell & Emma and Chaol & Tessa!) So what did you think, would RIP them or ship them?

I tag everyone and anyone wanting to do this fun tag!


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