Top Five Friday: YA Couples I Totally Ship


Happy Friday, everyone! Welcome to another Top Five Friday. Today I will be sharing my top ships from YA books. These are not in any particular order, and they aren’t always who ends up together, but I still love these couples. Here we go!


11505797First off, this might be a New Adult book instead of Young Adult, but I’m including it anyway.

Secondly, I’m ashamed that I’m including it! This couple is destruction. They are unhealthy and messed up and the exact opposite of what you should ever base your relationships off of!

But because they are such a screwed up, reckless, and frankly, dangerous couple, I had to include them. It’s super relatable, because we all have had those no good relationships that destroy us but we keep coming back to. So at the time I was reading this book, I related so much. *Spoilers Ahead* Thankfully, I didn’t run off and get married to the guy, or tattoo his name on my body, because, you know, I actually have a brain.


Can I tell you what I love about Ruby and Liam? Even though their lives were in danger, 10576365like everyday, and they were trying to save the children of the world, they had a really good relationship. Honestly, everything they did wrong in the relationship was aiding in basically saving the world, and that’s so much bigger than any relationship at the time.

They made real sacrifices and ultimately understood each other. There was none of that petty cold shoulder bull that most YA couples have when they are “fighting” over stupid issues that could be solved with a simple conversation. And I appreciate that.


81tPvW3NBvLBefore you yell at me, I love Jem. I agree, he’s amazing, and I am so glad that Tessa and Jem have their time together now.

But Will and Tessa will always be my first choice. It’s their back and forth banter and their love of words and books, and I like the person Tessa is with Will. She’s more solid and more herself. With Jem she always seemed too frail and delicate. I have no idea if that makes sense, but it does to me.



2. CELAENA AND CHAOL (THRONE OF GLASS)Throne-of-glass-cover

Again, before you yell at me, I love Rowan and I love Dorian.  But I never wanted Dorian and Celaena together, to be honest. His life was never together enough to be with her.

And as hot as the feral fae Rowan is, Chaol just got there first. I loved their relationship before Queen of Shadows. Granted, now Chaol is a total ass most of the time, and Celaena has Rowan, I still hold a candle for who they used to be.


First, I think everyone deserves a Mara-Dyer-1-T5F-Favorite-SeriesNoah Shaw in their life. He’s the opposite of the stereotypical guy character YA novels create. He isn’t a jerk, he doesn’t flirt by being rude or making fun of Mara. He’s genuine, and yes, a little broken, but it makes his heart show through more when it comes to how he treats Mara, who is quite delicate at this point.

He is loyal and never leaves her side, and I think we see so little of male characters being a support to female characters in literature. Mara might be in a fragile mental state, for damn good reasons, but Noah wants to help. His goal is to be what she needs first, and hopefully figure out more about himself along the way. And that’s what I love about their relationship.

So what did you think? Are these some of your favorite YA couples? What other ships do you love?


4 thoughts on “Top Five Friday: YA Couples I Totally Ship

  1. I LOVE Ruby and Liam, I completely agree with you about what you said about them they had such a strong relationship.
    Also I know what you mean about Chaol and Celaena. I did ship them in the second book but now I actually think I ship Rown and Celaena more. I just think her and Chaol have changed too much to suit each other anymore.

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    1. You’re right, they have change WAY too much to be together. But it’s a good thing, because I feel like they have become who they were meant to be, and I’m glad they had each other before everything blew up.

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  2. YES, YES, YES!
    I ship Chaol and Celeana so hard that it almost hurts. I’ve only read the first book but i’ve heard thar Rowan comes in the second book and you just said that Chaol is an ass most of the time which, by the way, is hard for me to believe right now but.. still. I WANT them to end up together so badly.

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