Tag Tuesday: Get To Know Me Tag

I have some major goals for this blog, one of which is wanting to post more. So in order to do that, I’m going to be creating/sticking to a post/theme schedule. And I love tags, whether I’m tagged in them or not, so why not give a day to tags!

There’s no better place to start than the Get To Know Me tag, so you all can…well, get to know me! And this is pretty in depth, so you will really get to know me! Here we go!


Vital Stats

Name: Ashley
Nicknames: Most people call me Ash, but my mom calls me Ashes.
Birthday: September 22nd
Star Sign: Virgo
Occupation: Server


Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Length: Just below my shoulders.
Eye Color: Blue
Best Feature: Probably the smile my mom spent a fortune on…
Braces: What my mom spent said fortune on.
Piercings: 5. All in my ears.
Tattoos: 14, but one that’s basically gone now, and there are three that I’m getting removed. But I do have two bookish tattoos.
Right or Left: Right


Best friend: Her name is Molly and I still love her to death even though we never see each other.
Award: Probably from having good grades or something. I was always pretty good in school, and when you’re young they hand out awards like you’re the greatest thing to walk the planet.
Sport: My mom made us try everything at least once, so I think it was soccer?
Real Vacation: There’s a family picture hanging in my dad’s restaurant of like my entire family standing on a dock somewhere. I’m going to assume it was that one but I can’t tell you anything about it.
Concert: Avenged Sevenfold when I was in high school. I flew from South Carolina to Kentucky so I could go with my friends from my old school. I can’t say it wasn’t fun.


Film: I can watch 27 Dresses everyday for the rest of my life and never get tired of it. The same goes for Music and Lyrics. I know, you expected something bookish, but I love the super cheesy love stories.
TV Show: SO. MANY. Sherlock, Once Upon a Time, the 100, Doctor Who, Blind Spot, Grimm..I just realized I am so behind on most of these…
Color: Purple
Song: I love anything I can sing to. Sara Bareilles is probably my go to.
Restaurant: I choose to not answer this question.
Shop: The one with the books.
Books: Jane Eyre, HP, TID, TMI, Throne of Glass, The Lunar Chronicles, SHADES OF MAGIC SERIES!!!!
Shoes: Something flat and easy to put on/take off.


Feeling: eh, I’m okay. It’s a Monday morning, but I’m surrounded by cats, so I can deal.
Single or Taken: Taken by the man snoring in the other room right now.
Eating: Drinking tea.
Thinking About: whether or not I should remove the comment about Austin snoring…
Watching: My cats fighting over a scratching post.
Wearing: Black shirt and my Ravenclaw pajama pants.


Want Children: Of course.
Want to be Married: Of course.
Careers in Mind: Author, having something to do with the Publishing industry.
Where you Want to Live: A small city, with lots of fun things to do and hopefully close to a publishing company…

Do You Believe in…

God: More than anything.
Miracles: Most definitely.
Love at First Sight: No way.
Ghosts: Not exactly.
Aliens: Not a clue, honestly. But if they do exist, I think they would be more like us than green with big heads and long creepy fingers.
Soul Mates: Not really.
Heaven: Certainly.
Hell: Yep.
Kissing on the First Date: To each their own. But kissing is fun, so why not?
Yourself: I try.

That was more of a feat than I realized when I started! So now you know like 99% of my life, congratulations, you can probably steal my identity now.

I tag you:

Kelly @ Here’s To Happy Endings| Larkin @ Wonderfilled Reads| Anna @ A Little Book World| Melanie @ It’s A Bookish Thing 13



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