Review: The 5th Wave Movie

Yesterday I spent my last night before #snowpocalypse2016 seeing The 5th Wave movie all by my lonesome. I could have waited for my boyfriend to feel less sick, for the snow to come and go, or a friend to decide they wanted to see it as well, but where is the fun in that?

I’ve spent this month with one of my Goodreads groups (shoutout to The Court of Books and Readers) re-reading The 5th Wave in preparation for the premiere. So I seriously wasn’t waiting.

My take on the movie: well done.

Us book readers are highly judgmental human beings. We want accuracy and zero changes, we understand why you have to cut something but why didn’t Harry Potter have green eyes!?!

We’re picky…let’s admit it. So of course going in I was slightly nervous, especially with the book so fresh in my mind. But I was not disappointed.

Some changes are for the sake of a viewer and not a reader: the first waves are drawn out a bit more for explanation, time is sped up to get it all in the 2 hour block a normal movie allots itself. These are the ones we understand, they make sense.

The Negative (2)

Some changes felt weird to me though. For instance, and careful for a possible spoiler here, did the book Evan Walker have some seriously super human powers??

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I felt the silencers were more like highly trained assassins, yet during a fight scene in the woods, Evan gets a little too Edward Cullen for me, seeming to glide through the trees. That took me by surprise.

Something else that bummed be out a bit was the way we lost the connections with most the characters. Cassie is there, we see her life and we understand her, as well as Evan along side her. But as for Zombie? That personality that drew so many people in, his attempts to make Ringer smile, his pain over his sister he left behind, it’s not there.

It’s the same with the rest of his squad. You barely know who is playing whom. We don’t see the personalities of each character. We’re missing the group dynamic there, which also added to Zombie’s lovability.

Which leads me to my final con. The scene where Ringer and Zombie decide it’s time to take out the trackers and get the hell away from Wright Patterson. The whole scene is…forced? It’s too fast, Ringer doesn’t make much sense in why she decides she’s done, and Zombie jumps on board the “we’re the 5th wave” train super fast. This revelation comes from nothing, from nowhere. It just happens and BAM! its explained.

The Negative (4)

Like I said before, Cassie’s life during the Others’ arrival and invasion is pretty laid out. Which gives you an investment in her character. I appreciate the fact that I cried twice before Cassie even made it to Evan Walker. You get her, you root for her, and that’s what we need in our leading lady.

The script contained a good amount of dialogue straight from the book and I was so thrilled about that. Ringer threatening the crap out of the guys when she joins Zombie’s squad: check. So much of Cassie and Evan’s dialogue is book to script, which makes me squeal with excitement. It’s really a tribute to the readers when they make decisions like that. We are the only ones who would catch that.

The Negative (3)

I want to go over a few thoughts on the Characters to Actor combinations super quick.

Firstly, Chloe Grace Moretz as Cassie Sullivan: High five! all the stars! brilliant! is basically all I can say. She’s one of my favorite actresses and I think she did amazing.

Nick Robinson as Ben Parish/Zombie: Adorable and totally likable. I don’t have anything bad to say, I just wish they would have given him more to work with.

Alex Roe as Evan Walker: Gosh darn it, he is something pretty to look at. I think they chose a really great actor to play Evan, but this movie/book isn’t where we really get to see Evan Walker shine, so I’m excited to watch that character grow.

Maria Bello as Reznik: At first I was so happy they made the twisted and evil sergeant that was bad as hell a woman. But then the movie happened and she didn’t do anything. She might as well have been Dr. Pam, the role she was simutaneously playing anyway. Give a woman a badass villian role, take away the badass villian and put her in red lipstick. Typical…

Maika Monroe as Ringer: Yeah, I wasn’t a fan here. The acting just seemed kind of flat though the script was pretty well written for her character I think.

So let me know your thoughts and opinions on The 5th Wave movie. Do you disagree? How did you feel about the character choices and changes they made?



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