Review: Reasons to Love a Nerd Like Me by Becky Jerams

26828797Title: Reasons to Love a Nerd Like Me

Author: Becky Jerams

Published: October 12th 2015

Genre: YA Romance, LGBTQ

My Rating: 3/5

“Vincent took a few steps toward me and my heart began to race. Maybe he wasn’t shutting me out after all. Maybe this was going to be a whole new beginning for us.”

This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you for trusting me with your work and sharing your story with me.

Scotty Williams, a 17-year-old student and certified nerd, finds himself bullied daily by the school’s tennis star, Taylor Raven. With the help of his best friend Olive, Scotty attempts to make his way through school unharmed and unnoticed.

Until the mysterious and possibly dangerous Vincent Hunter starts noticing. Could Scotty really end up with a guy like Vincent? Will his dark secret from the past catch up to him? 

One thing before you even begin to read this book: It’s set in the UK, so you’ve got to get hip to the lingo. College is like high school and uni is college. Got it? Good. I’ve just saved you a bit of confusion.

This original Wattpad story is cute and highly cheesy. Obviously a fluffier and less serious read, it’s a pretty chill book if you can get past the massive 500 something pages of it. But for so many pages it was quite an easy read.

Now I don’t read a great deal of intentionally fluffy books, and the closest I’ve come to LGBTQ or M/M in literature is I’ll Give You The Sun. Both are things that just don’t draw me in, no offense in either of those categories. So again, it was something I had to get used to. But once I was settled in, I was okay with it.

unnamedOur main character, Scotty, is easy to follow. He’s sure of himself and is 100% confident in his sexuality. Honestly, it’s refreshing to have a character that has already become who he is and doesn’t spend the story struggling to figure it out. It gave more weight to following the romance of it all, which I appreciate, because Vincent is a pretty great character. He was sure of himself in a completely different way than Scotty in that he just didn’t give any f’s about it.

People didn’t matter to him, Scotty did, and that will melt your heart.

The side characters of Ollie and Alexis were a little less likable. They were polar opposites of one another to the extreme. Ollie was lovable and goofy and I can just tell she’s loud. While Alexis is a hardass and overly mean. Exaggerating their characters made them funny at times and annoying at others.

The biggest problem I had with this book is that it seemed a bit confused on if it wanted to get serious or not. For instance, the laid back and simplistic writing style, mixed with the over the top best friend characters (Oliver and Alexis) and the corny, lovey-dovey one-liners tossed between Vincent and Scotty, make the feel of the book very relaxed.

But then you have the bullying.

It’s not just picking. It’s harmful threats, hate crimes (let’s call it what it is), dangerous and highly volatile situations that ultimately don’t get resolved as they should. In an age where bullying is so relevant in culture, the bully gets off free from his blatantly insane behavior. Which in my opinion, shouldn’t happen in life, or in a fluff novel.

Ultimately, I would consider this book to be a palate cleanser, something to read from one serious book to another. Though it could definitely be shortened a bit, the length didn’t kill it for me at all. For the most part, I blazed through it and enjoyed having a book I could read with little concentration. It was refreshing.

So would I recommend this book?

Sure, if you like or need a simple read. It’s adorable and light hearted, apart from what I mentioned above. It’s certainly a book you need to have a taste for though, there is brief M/M explicit sex, so be aware going into it of that.


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