Bookish Darlings and Downfalls of 2015

As 2015 comes to such a swift end, I’m pretty proud of my bookishness the past year. I began my Bookstagram account a mere 58 weeks ago. So 2015 was really the year I became a full fledged bibliophile.

Although I failed my Goodreads goal miserably, I still came out of the year with 42 books on my Read Shelf and a new understanding of who I am as a YA-loving-twenty-something. I can say that is a huge accomplishment for me, and I’m quite alright with it.

Out of those books there certainly are books I fell in love with (Darlings) and the ones that missed the mark a bit for me (Downfalls).



File May 09, 9 59 50 AMThe Darkest Minds trilogy was my first reading of 2015 and, my gosh, I have never been so in love with a group of characters since I first read Harry Potter.

Not only does this provide my favorite themes of dystopian and magic (okay, maybe not magic, but close enough, right?), but it provides an outstanding group of main characters. They are so easy to love and laugh with and hurt with. Not to mention the ending is just so satisfying. You’re taken through hell and back but in the end it’s rewarding and worth it.


File Dec 04, 8 35 46 AMLike I said, I’m mostly a dystopian/magic/fantasy kind of girl, but I’m always willing to make an exception. This year, that exception came in the wonderful form of I’ll Give You The Sun.

Talk about a book that’s uniquely creative, dark, and full of love and joy. It has a little of everything, able to appeal to any reader. Following the main characters through their own sides of one story from different age periods was completely captivating. It was a mystery from beginning to end that unfolded itself parallel to the characters’ personal journeys. If I’m ever recommending a standalone, it’s this one.


File Jun 14, 9 37 05 PMWhat can I say about Uprooted? I first heard about it on Book Riot’s All The Books podcast and immediately bought it. The mystery of a “Dragon” taking captive a young woman and returning her changed and different was something I couldn’t resist. It was a mystery I wanted to solve. Why was he doing this? What did he do to the poor girls?

But the greatest parts of Uprooted came in the downright creepiness of it all. It was charming and terrifying all at the same time.

Honorable mentions: Because I can’t discuss all of my loved books, I will rave about a few more quickly: The entire Throne of Glass series, the Mara Dyer trilogy, Winter, The 5th Wave, and Red Queen, just to name a few.

download (1)

File Dec 31, 8 16 25 AMI had such high hopes for The Darkest Part of the Forest that I stopped everything I was reading to read it. Holly Black is such a great author, she’s able to create worlds I want to jump into.

But The Darkest Part of the Forest fell flat for me. It almost felt like a fairytale that was being made up as it goes. It sometimes felt random in terms of events and the ending seemed entirely rushed. I didn’t feel at all satisfied, which really broke my heart.


File Jul 21, 10 04 21 AMA Perfect Crime is not a YA novel, which is most likely why I had a tough time with it. Another book that sounded interesting from the All The Books podcast, I was really intrigued to try something new. I like dark books, so I thought something in the head of a twisted murderer would be great for me.

I was wrong. It took me three months to get through it because I couldn’t follow a lot of it (it has been translated, so that could be the reason). I couldn’t understand his need to run then not run and then run again. The ending was unusual and at times it was just boring. Once again, it’s not YA, so maybe we should just chalk it up to that.


What were your Darlings and Downfalls of 2015?



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